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Who Is Jo Arcaya?

I am an experienced entrepreneur who has been in many different business failures before I become successful in my current business. I started selling products from when I was 10 years old. Selling bread and different types of candy products in my elementary and high school days. And in my college days, I do video rentals, selling underwear products for men and women, selling newspapers, candle making, wood framing. After my college days, I went into a landscape construction business, Building construction business, pest control business and online business.

My college life, I wasted so much time because I don’t have a clue about what I really want to pursue. I started my college by enrolling in a nursing course, I shifted to criminology course on the second semester, after one year in criminology, I decide to shift to a 2 years course called “General Radio Communication Operator”, and I got a diploma for that. When I got a scholarship from the University of Manila, I planned again to get a degree and took Electronic Communication Engineering, again after a year I shifted to Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and finally, I got my degree in 1999.

Then I got a job in one of the largest broadcasting networks in the Philippines, and work as a researcher/writer for news and current affairs and business-oriented program for radio and tv and spend almost 10 years for doing that job. From there I met various business people from all walks of life, from small entrepreneurs up to the largest global corporations.

In 2003 I was invited by the Golden Treasure Skills and Development Program to teach entrepreneurship. During that time I was promoting entrepreneurship in my radio programs until 2008.

I joined a business plan competition in 2005 in one of a prestigious nonprofit organization in the world, “The Business In Development Network” which is based in Netherland. Even I didn’t win the business plan competition at that time but, It was enough for me to be part of the top 10 out of 3 thousand individual competitors at that time.

My college experience if you see is no difference in doing my business…I keep jumping from one area of expertise to another one.

I migrated in Canada and continue my passion in the landscape industry and put up my landscape company in 2014, followed by a pest control company and business consulting to help other businesses grow. Now I’m here, this journey ends up of sharing my knowledge, to share with you where I failed and where I succeed in my business.

I decided to make this course online so I can reach out to more people who are struggling to start a business, and I will help you to avoid the same mistakes where I failed in my business before.

I provide you here the benefits of a proven step by step and very simple to follow of how to start your own business from scratch to finish, Identifying your product or services that fit for your business,  proven marketing technique, online presence, develop your business operations, and successful active and passive income.

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