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It is very important to look at the credibility or professional image of your company’s presence when promoting your product and service on google.

The first impression for your company is what matters first for your business whether it attracts a potential customer or not.

It is like a product, for example when you have a candle product, lining up on a store shelves with other competing brands of yours. Your visual presentation is what the customer calls their attention first.

When a customer attracts to your visual presentation, like the packaging, color, and they will come near to it and look for the product information etc., they will be curious about the product. The next thing they will do is smell it. When they like the smell they gonna look for the price. So when everything is good, excellent presentation, good smell, reasonable price then next thing is they will buy it even its not on there list to buy a candle. How much more for those who really a candle regular buyer.

This is how your business stands with other competing product or services online.

The first important thing for potential clients searching online is when they find you, they will look for your website. So it is very important to have a website when doing business not facebook page but your own company website to make it as a professional appearance. Having a website plays a very important role, this is where people will learn about your products and services. Make sure that your website content explains your offers very clear and short, then potential customers most likely will inquire by phone or email about your products or services.

When doing business no matter how small it is or even you are just a one-man team in your company. Having your company email attracts more clients rather than, using other company’s email like Gmail, Yahoo, Shaw, Telus etc.

I have seen so many businesses on google search that they have a nice website, but on their website, they have their email address using their, or or etc.

This is one of the business ethics that many small entrepreneurs most neglected. You have to make sure that you use your own company email when you are replying email inquiries. Some business has a website but they are not using their own email address. If you have a website then get an email hosting. What is $10 a month or $120 a year to own your own email for your business? (ask Jo about email hosting)

Your email plays a very important role when communicating with your client. In this way, you are promoting the name of your own company every time you send a message via email.

If you have a website hosting package from your domain provider, then you should have an email hosting. Check my other video that teaches how to set up your company email address on CPANEL if you already a have a web hosting package.

The Business Address.

When you are using your home as your office, Like I do, don’t use it as your mailing address on google ads or any other advertising platform. Try to get a virtual office mailing address, PO BOX Would do but I prefer a virtual mailing address. What is a virtual mailing address? It is the same as PO BOX but it more likely a more like office address that you don’t use the PO BOX but you use a Suite number and then the address. There is a virtual mailing business address that you can use for your business that only cost you $200 or less a year. For me, I paid $200 for my virtual mailing address because I don’t want to expose my residential office address. Doing so is a more credible appearance which helps attracts more of the client who is seeking the same product or services as your competitors.

Your Company’s Contact Number.

When you are starting your own business and you are just one doing everything, marketing, promoting online and doing the service. Most likely your landline as your office number which you will be using for your ads for new inquiries, and your cellphone as your service number which is you use for your existing clients. Sometimes when no one is in your office then you missed the call. Make sure there is someone will answer your phone when your client calls, if you are busy and can’t be on the phone most of your time, then consider hiring an answering service company.
I use answering service in my small business company like ANSWERCANADA. It is a pay as you go answering service like which you can divert your office number. When your new inquiries customer calls, the answering service will take all the information and email and text it to you so you won’t miss any calls. Then from there you already know what your inquiries need to know and then you call them back as soon as possible.

What happens next when you close the deal, the last thing is the invoicing for your client which they can pay in a very convenient way. I highly recommend WAVE APP, it is also paid as you go type thing and this is the very important tools I use in collecting payments for my regular clients.

And finally, of course, top of all! your quality of service or products is what matters to get a repeat client.

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